BAZAAR // P3Studio in the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas // Artist in Residence // October 8th- November 2nd, 2014 // curated by the Art Production Fund //

Taking full advantage of the fishbowl environment of P3Studio, Paula Wilson sets up to paint in her windowed space in the heart of Las Vegas’s Cosmopolitan Hotel. People walking by see her working inside a colorful art installation, called Bazaar. If they stop to watch, Wilson subtly shifts gears and begins painting their full-figure portraits in small cameos on a large canvas, highlighting their dress and accessories. “Look! She’s painting you, Sharon!” one visitor exclaims. “That’s your purse! She captured your glasses.” People call their friends over and crowds gather, taking photos and venturing into the space to experience Bazaar fully.  Viewers become a part of the art simply by observing it, and the act of people-watching becomes a collective masterpiece.

1-paula_wilson_bazaar-2 2-p3studio_3 3-paula_wilson_bazaar-3 4-paula_wilson_bazaar-5 5-paula-wilson-bazaar 6-paula-wilson-bazaarpeople_watching


BAG DANCE, Carrizozo, New Mexico // 2014 // photo credit Peo Olson

bag_dance2jpgbag_dance1 bag_dance3 bag_dance4